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In The End, I Will Be Alone

Okay, I actually think I’m going to check my other social media and then get offline, ‘cause I want to play Pokemon.

So yeah, peaceskies.

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I have to pee really bad but if I get up and go down stairs my dog is going to follow me and then he’ll probably sleep on the couch instead of on the bed and I’ll feel like a horrible person but I have to peeeeeeeee.


I just want someone I can share rainy mornings, a warm bed, and soft kisses with. I want someone who will love me and laugh with me through my embarrassing moments.

Anyone can take the above and come be my girlfriend.

MikoRei shippers are just jealous that our ship is more canon then their ship ever will be.

Like, seriously.

Have you watched K? Read the mangas? Watched or read spoilers of Missing Kings?

MikoTotsu is real love. I’m sorry if you can’t accept that.

Dont give up! Don’t get discouraged, smut is super hard to write for me too, at least outside of rp.. Keep trying!

I’ll try again later, but for now what I posted is what the fandom get’s. ^^;

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